The Uzi was a weapon smuggled weapon from the surface, brought down to Rapture by Fontaine's Smuggling Operation. The Uzi was used by Atlas' Gang and Men during the Rapture Civil War, which was a huge advantage over Ryan's Weapons. Although, some of Ryan's Men used them by taking them off their foes corpses in the Civil War.

Bioshock ForeverEdit


The Uzi



30 piercing (9MM), 50 piercing (.45 USP), 30 piercing + 5 per second fire (Flame Rounds)

Damage Multipliers


Magazine Size


Maximum Ammunition

120 (9MM), 100 (.45 USP), 80 (Flame Rounds)


9MM., .45 USP, Flame Rounds


Extended Magazine, 15% Rate of Fire Increase, 10% Damage Increase

The Uzi is the third weapon found in Bioshock Forever 's singleplayer and multiplayer. In Multiplayer, it is unlocked at rank 5. In the singleplayerm, it first found in the second level of the game, Demeter Gardens. It is a Sub-Machine Gun type and is good and reccomended for Close and Medium Range combat. It fires standard 9MM. Rounds at an average rate of fire. In Co-op Mode, there are two on the corpses of a dead marine raider, who was probably duel-wielding them before his death. The Uzi fuctions the same way in all game modes, including the same upgrades.


  • 10% Damage Increase (Power to the People)
  • 15% Rate of Fire Increase (Power to the People)
  • Extended Magazine (Mines Away! Side Quest Reward, found on Uzis in Co-op)

Ammunition TypesEdit

  • 9MM.- The default, most common, and the cheapest type of ammunition for the Uzi. Inflicts 30 damage.
  • .45 USP- Another type of ammunition that fires larger rounds than the 9MM. thus, giving more damage. It is at a medium price on vending machines, but is rare for drops from enemies.
  • Flame Rounds- The rarest and most expensive type of ammo for the Uzi. It does the same damage as the 9MM. Rounds, but causes fire damage to enemies over a period of 5 seconds, doing 5 damage per second.