Rudolf's early life and invitation to RaptureEdit

Rudolf Fleig was born in Berlin, Germany in the year 1922, to a very wealthy couple who have ties to royalty in their blood lines. Seeing how they had the highest connections and a very large sum of money, Rudolf was enrolled in the best schools around, where he would eventually discover he natural talent at inventing new machines powered by electricity. His first completed invention was a prototype toaster which he built at the astonishing age of 12, however the first peice of bread it cooked caught fire and destroyed the machine. Soon however he was well on his way of becoming an accomplished inventor by the age of 16, where his parents pulled him from school and sent him away to an American tech school in order to avoid fighting in World War II. Here Ruodolf mastered the English language and graduated at the top of his class from MIT, in electrical engineering, where he was contacted by the American government to help them produce secret weapons using alien technology from an unknown crash in the dead center desert of Arizona. After doing this for years Rudolf began to feel empty and that life wad just one big secret and all he was good for was to help create weapons that mankind will use to destroy itself. A few years later, after working for the US government for a total of 8 years he receives an unusual letter with no return address claiming a man wants to meet with Rudolf at a certain resturant. Rudolf knowning very well danger could await, took the risk and went to the resturant to meet with his mysterious letter sender. He finds a man, who claims to speak on be half of Andrew Ryan, informing Rudolf of a hidden underwater utopia, set up for people who believe man is taking away their one freedom, their ability to do. Rudolf, seeing this as a way to break out of his dull life, accepts the invitation hoping this journey could very well lead to his invention outbreak and gain his fame.

Arrival at Rapture

In April of 1951, Rudolf along with several other people, a few of them being great minds such as Gil Alexander, Sander Cohen, and Sofia Lamb, along with her fiance boarded a ship, who's destination was the middle of the atlantic ocean. Once they arrived at the destination, an enormous lighthouse loomed in the dark, and the ship docked with it. After departing from the ship, the mysterious man who had given Rudolf his invitation appeared and lead them inside where a small circle submersible was located and Rudolf and the others huddled inside it and the vehicle, called the bathysphere, dropped them into the ocean below. After watching a video posted by Ryan about how men are entitled to the sweat of their brow, Rudolf witnesses a magnificent view of the under sea city of Rapture.