Bioshock: Breakout

Summary- In 1968, just weeks after the events of Bioshock 2, a German engineer, by the name of Rudolf Fleig rescues a mysterious man who was being chased by splicers. This single action sets off a series of events, starting with the destruction of his only safe beacon in the ruined city. Now on the run, Fleig is guided through the city by the man he rescued, a brilliant mind who was the one who successfully grafted plasmids to the human bodily functions. However as fate takes an unusual personal twist, Fleig is now torn between facing his own demons and ecaping the city. Plus once under the guidance of yet another Rapture citizen, one with his own agenda for the crippled city, the brainwashing begins. Stretching great lengths, Fleig will have to face his plagued past and then escape the crumbling city.

Major Characters

Rudolf Fleig

Sir Walter Brightwood

Edwind DeRafier

Douglas Sanbourne

Marion De La Warr