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The screen is black and a man can be heard speaking.

Man: Iceland Defense Force. Think you can handle it?

Protagonist: Yes, sir. It's an honor.

The view remains black, however another man can be heard talking through a radio with a little static.

Radio Man: -static- Chino, we have an unauthorized aircraft in our airspace. You and Hitman need to go and intercept it. -static-

The view then switches to first person view of the protagonist in a military airfield walking towards a Convair F-102 Delta Dagger. The protagonist looks to his left and sees an African-American man (Hitman) putting his pilot helmet and mask on.

Hitman: Here, catch.

Hitman throws the protagonist another pilots helmet and mask that he had in his other hand. The protagonist puts it on and climbs in the plane.

Radio Man: -static- Chino, Hitman, you are clear for take off. -static-

The screen then goes black once again. The sound of a jet engine starting up then taking off is heard. The view comes back with the protagonist flying in the jet over a city where the water is not to far away with a small dot in the distance that is the unauthorized aircraft.

Hitman: -static- Warning to civilian aircraft, please turn around and land at the nearest available airfield or we will be forced to fire at you.

The screen goes black once more. When it comes back, the protagonist is flying over the ocean with the unauthorized aircraft a little closer, although it is still not possible to make out what it is.

Hitman: -static- HQ, Civilian Aircraft is not responding, requesting permission to engage, over. -static-

Radio Man: -static- Permission granted. Fire at will. -static-

Hitman: Alright, Chino, let's take this fucker down.

The screen then goes black once more. The plane can be heard speeding up.

Hitman: -static- What kinda plane is that? What the hell is th- Fuck! I'm hit, I'm hit! Going down, repeat, going dow!-

A plane can be heard exploding. Bullets are heard being fired and hitting the protagonist's plane, followed by a loud beeping noise.

Protagonist: Shit! HQ, I'm going down, repeat, I'm going down!

The protagonists plane is then heard crashing into the water. The title "BioShock 3 is then shown on the screen.